Technical Lab Support

Job description

Host institute

The Unit of Separation and Conversion Technology (SCT, Flemish Institute for Technological Research, VITO) seeks a candidate interested in a lab support position. VITO is a leading research center in Flanders (Belgium) in the field of technology development for sustainable processes, with strong focus on electrochemical and bio-based routes. More information available on

Equal opportunity position

  • You’ll be working in a research lab that runs projects aiming at lowering the cost of green hydrogen generation.
  • You will support researchers by operating experimental set-ups, you improve structural and process components
  • Your practical insights in terms of data acquisition and automation control, help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the experiments
  • You like practical work
  • You will conduct experiments, on high pressure chemical process equipment, gather and analyse data to secure the soundness of the measurements

Job requirements

  • Bachelor in industrial engineering (electromechanics, process technology)
  • You want to acquire hands-on experience by running innovative experimental set-ups
  • Affinity for materials science and/or design software tools are an asset
  • You are a pragmatic team player
  • You organize you work in a structured way with the eye for detail that is required to make things work
  • Fluent in Dutch and English