Researcher Electricity Market Modelling

Job description

VITO/EnergyVille’s ‘Energy Markets’ team is specialized in the electricity and multi-carrier market design, modelling and regulation. The team’s expertise covers a broad range of topics: from conceptual design of electricity and reserve markets to modelling of different electricity systems and markets (including networks and market participant’s behaviour) and regulation. Specific applications are the integration of flexibility from the distribution system, tariff design, TSO-DSO-customer coordination, market-based sector integration, decentralized market forms such as peer-to-peer or energy communities, innovative flexibility service and product design.

The team also maintains, utilizes and further improves our in-house developed state-of-the-art energy market and system models. These models are developed in Python and Julia across different applied research projects. The models are used internally and in assignments for external clients.

As researcher electricity market modelling, you will be involved as the modelling expert in two types of projects: fundametal research projects and knowledge-intensive consultancy projects.

Your tasks and responsibilities:

  • You are responsible for the electricity market and system modelling in the fundamental research and consultancy projects you are involved in.
  • You actively translate the real-world questions into modelling needs, define modelling scenarios, further develop the in-house models where needed, assemble and clean the needed input data, and generate modelling results.
  • You interpret and communicate the modelling results to the stakeholders as actionable recommendations.
  • You communicate research and project results in clear and high-quality reports, scientific papers and presentations.
  • You actively extend your network to improve scientific excellence and to expand the team’s portfolio of knowledge-intensive consultancy projects within your area of expertise.

Job requirements

  • You hold a master degree in Engineering, Economics, or another relevant study, combined with preferably at least 2 years of relevant experience. Holding a PhD-degree is a bonus.
  • You have factual knowledge of how today’s electricity and reserve markets are organized in Belgium and the EU.
  • You are proficient in Python programming language.
  • You have experience with creating and running the electricity market or electricity system models, such as a power exchange model or unit commitment and economic dispatch model.
  • You have advanced optimisation skills.

Finally, having (some of) the following qualifications can give you a competitive edge, in order of importance:

  • You are fluent in Dutch or French.
  • You are proficient in Julia programming language.
  • You have experience in writing tenders or research project proposals.
  • You have experience in managing tasks or projects.
  • You are familiar with game theory.
  • You are familiar with concepts from object-oriented programming.


  • A competitive salary
  • A range of benefits including allowances, insurances, adjustable holiday package
  • Flexible working hours and workplace
  • Innovation is our core asset, therefore it goes without saying that we give our employees the opportunity to undertake additional training and keep up to date in their field of expertise
  • The chance to be part of an organisation with an international reputation, known for its advanced technological research and scientific consultancy
  • The possibility to actively contribute towards sustainable developments at local, national, and global levels