Postdoc Optimisation of CO2 capture process through modelling

Job description

VITO is an independent research organization in Flanders that specializes in cleantech and sustainable development. One of the core research activities is the development of materials and technologies for Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS). Given the urgent need to reduce global CO2 emissions, the development of more efficient post-combustion CO2 capture technologies based on innovative solid adsorbents is of particular interest. To strengthen our team, we are looking for a postdoc colleague with experience in optimising the performance of cyclic gas adsorption-based processes through computational modelling. The research group is equipped with up-to-date infrastructure for sorption testing to support the development and validation of the computational model.


  • You will contribute to climate change mitigation through the development of a more efficient technology to capture CO2 emissions from industrial flue gases, as part of our enthusiastic and dynamic research team of over 30 talented individuals
  • You will optimize (temperature-vacuum swing) adsorption process cycles and support the development of new structured sorbents through computational simulation and experimental sorption testing, both at lab- and pilot-scale
  • You contribute to the execution of (inter)national research projects with industrial and academic partners
  • You will take responsibility for delivering high-quality and timely scientific results, according to the planning of research projects
  • You publish your work in high-impact scientific publications, and present your research results in relevant conferences

Job requirements

  • PhD degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Bioscience Engineering or related fields
  • Excellent knowledge of chemical engineering fundamentals (fluid flow, heat & mass transfer, kinetics,…) and gas adsorption phenomena
  • Proven track record in process modelling and simulation tools for cyclic gas adsorption processes (e.g. ASPEN, Matlab, gPROMS, Python,…)
  • Experience in the field of CO2 capture by solid adsorption and adsorption testing is an asset
  • Creative mind, ambitious and eager to turn new concepts into practice
  • Excellent writing, presentation and communication skills


  • A competitive salary with a range of benefits including allowances, insurances, and a modular vacation package
  • A team of nice colleagues, experts in their fields, who will guide, support and interact with you
  • Innovation is our asset, so it goes without saying that we offer our employees the opportunity to follow additional training courses and stay up to date in their field of expertise
  • You will be part of an organization with an international reputation, known for its advanced technological research and scientific consultancy