Postdoc Mineral Carbonation

Job description

The Waste Recycling Technologies (ART) team of VITO is looking for a highly motivated post-doctoral researcher to develop innovative processes to manufacture sustainable construction materials from industrial residues (slags, ashes,….), using mineral carbonation technologies. Carbonation is the reaction between alkaline Ca and/or Mg rich minerals and CO2. The Ca and/or Mg ions dissolve and react with CO2 to form solid carbonates. 

Your Tasks:

  • You are expected to scientifically explore the relationships between the process parameters (e.g. temperature, CO2 pressure and concentration,….) and the technical/environmental quality of the novel construction materials.
  • You will be part of an experienced and well-equipped research team. The team is proficient in mineral carbonation technologies and advanced mineral residue processing geared at resource recovery and development of novel construction materials. Using innovative approaches and based on in-depth knowledge, the team strives towards a resource efficient economy by developing zero-waste solutions to sustainably transform residues into CO2 negative construction products and materials. 
  • You will contribute to the challenge of the construction industry to reduce its CO2 emissions, by developing CO2 negative construction materials and SCMs.

Job requirements

  • You are a geologist specialized in applied mineralogy, Mining engineer, Chemical engineer or Materials engineer (PhD level).
  • You have experience in R&D related to construction applications is an advantage.
  • You have creative mind, eager to turn new process concepts into practice and to demonstrate their technical and economic feasibility.
  • You have excellent scientific writing, presentation and communication skills.


  • A competitive salary with a range of benefits including allowances, insurances, and a modular vacation package.
  • A team of nice colleagues, experts in their fields, who will guide, support and interact with you.
  • Innovation is our asset, so it goes without saying that we offer our employees the opportunity to follow additional training courses and stay up to date in their field of expertise.
  • You will be part of an organization with an international reputation, known for its advanced technological research and scientific consultancy.