PhD position Hybrid water quality forecasting using sensor data and mechanistic models

Job description

Sensor data are increasingly being produced in various environments. Due to their high frequency nature they provide new information that can be combined with mechanistic models. The objective of the PhD is to explore and research novel modeling techniques that combine data driven modeling with mechanistic modeling to predict water quality. The PhD can use newly collected water quality data in the frame of research projects to test the methodologies and to demonstrate the developed methodology for a specific use case of optimized water intake management in a saline environment. The PhD will start with an extensive literature review on existing data driven and mechanistic modeling techniques, and combinations thereof, in different research domains (hydrology, climate, air quality). These generic models or methods will be further tested and evaluated for specific datasets with water quality sensor data along a river or canal stretch. Based on the evaluation, improvements on the generic modeling approach will be made. Finally, the methodology will be showcased for a real life application of water intake management. This propsal fits in the Water&Climate Hub application area 'grip on pollutants', and specifcally within the innovation trajectory 'salts in balance and concentrated streams'.

The PhD fellowship is granted within the collaboration between the University of Ghent and VITO.
The successful candidate will be supervised by Prof.  Ingmar Nopens, Jan Verwaeren and Piet Seuntjens (UGent) and co-promoted by Janelcy Alferes (VITO).
For more information, please contact Piet Seuntjens:

How to apply?
Applications should be submitted online and should include a copy of your CV and a cover letter.
The remainder of the selection procedure is specific to the position and will be determined by the selection panel.
You can apply for this PhD vacancy no later than September 18, 2022.

More information is available on PhD | VITO.

Job requirements

You hold a Master of science (Msc) in bioscience engineering, Msc in physics, Msc in engineering , Msc in biology or Msc in chemistry

Mandatory coding and programming skills in the water domain