MLOps Engineer for Healthcare & Clinical Applications

Job description

VITO’s Digital Precision Health (DPH) Group has the vision of creating a personalized healthcare and clinical landscape empowered by Digital (Virtual) Twins technologies using AI and data driven methodologies.

We focus on developing data driven applications for translational healthcare & clinical practice. Primary focus is the integration of personal health data at various levels (genomics, proteomics, clinical biochemistry, e-health records and real-world data) to enable precision health applications.

Our research towards creating personal health data vaults ( for hosting various sources of personal health data is geared towards enabling Digital Twins at the national as well as at the European level.

We are highly committed to making translational research data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable), while developing tools and resources to ensure the transparency, robustness, FAIRness and accountability of proposed methodologies and applications.

PHG at VITO Sustainable Health Unit, is working with an international and multi-disciplinary team supporting personal health data sharing initiatives, diagnostic research and related clinical & healthcare translation.

We are a highly collaborative group with active collaboration across various projects with KU Leuven, University of Hasselt, Jessa Hospital, University College London (UCL), Maastricht University and various industrial partners.

Currently we are looking for a Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Engineer with a strong background in software development & operations (DevOps) to facilitate development, deployment and maintenance of AI/machine learning models reliably and efficiently across a range of projects.

Your Tasks:

  • Manage end-to-end projects, from conceptualization to implementation.
    • More specifically: You will be responsible for the coordination, design, workflow automation and implementation of various healthcare and clinical applications, facilitated by a Personal Data Platform backend where Electronic Health Records, Personal Genomics, clinical images and real world data (RWD) from hospitals, research centers and other healthcare stakeholders can be imported, stored and integrated and shared for R&D purposes.
  • You are expected to work together with Software Engineers and Data Engineers for workflow automation, in collaboration with VITO’s Data Science Hub (where expertise of semantic web and SOLID is present) for the implementation of various end user facing applications.
  • You will take the primary responsibility of implementation of selected healthcare and clinical applications in real-life practice.
  • You will advise, monitor and support researchers regarding the optimization, security and potential real life impact of their research.
  • You will collaborate with cross-functional international teams to ensure smooth project execution.

Job requirements

  • You hold an MSc in Software Engineering, Computer Science or related field.
  • You have experience with machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and Keras
  • You have strong expertise in frontend and backend web application development and technologies like Angular/React, NodeJS, Javascript/Typescript, HTML, CSS, …
  • You have demonstrated experience working with health data, with Clinical & Health Application Development and with version control, software testing.
  • You have the ability to see the “bigger picture” as well as the crucial “details” in implementation.
  • You have knowledge about formation security and privacy aspects including authorization and authentication.
  • It is a plus if you have experience with programming in Python and R, as this will help you interface with researchers and data engineers, Linked data and the semantic web, SOLID infrastructure, Genomics Application Development.


  • If you're tired of the frequent commute, you've come to the right place. We work 'activity based', our activities bring us to our location. Our head office is in Mol. Part-time working from home or a satellite office in Antwerp-Berchem, Ghent or Ostend is possible. You are expected to work at least 2 days per week on-site, with face-to-face contact with the rest of the DPH group members.
  • A competitive salary with a range of benefits including allowances, insurances, and a modular vacation package.
  • Innovation is our asset, so it goes without saying that we offer our employees the opportunity to follow additional training courses and stay up to date in their field of expertise. You always get the opportunity to broaden your knowledge on for example FAIR or linked data technologies.
  • You will be part of an organization with an international reputation, known for its advanced technological research and scientific consultancy.
  • With us, you will contribute directly to sustainable developments at local, national, and global level through your innovative applications. You provide an answer to today’s societal challenges.
  • Moreover, at VITO we attach great importance to work-life balance. We do this by being flexible, depending on your specific needs.