Data Scientist

Job description

Data Scientist - Energy in Buildings

EnergyVille ( is a collaboration between the Belgian research partners VITO, KU Leuven, imec and UHasselt in the field of renewable energy and intelligent energy systems. The District Energy Modeling team within VITO/EnergyVille develops models, algorithms and software for planning, monitoring and controlling energy consumption and production at building and district level. For our District Energy Modeling team we're looking for you as motivated and experienced Data Scientist.

Some of your daily activities: 

  • You are involved in applied research projects and in contract-based research, i.e. directly for customers. These customers are energy consultants, energy service providers, banks, energy suppliers, contractors/installers, etc.
  • Together with a team of colleagues you are responsible for the design of concepts for data capture and data handling for the toolchain. Starting from the conceived concept you will work together with the internal deployment team for the actual development of the solution and for client deployment of the algorithms and software (API, cloud, edge based).
  • You invent solutions for processing large flows of real-time data, you identify data gaps and you are involved in processing the data into scientific insights.
  • You take the lead internally for improving the IT architecture of our solutions. You consult with the energy researchers involved, other data scientists, IT professionals, and with the project team on the side of our partners and customers. While doing this, you always aim for a customer-centric and qualitative service.

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Job requirements

  • You hold a Master's degree in a relevant field (industrial engineer, civil engineer computer science, master's degree in computer science).
  • You have at least 3 years of relevant work experience.
  • You have experience in programming (Ruby, Python), software/algorithms product development, deployment concept technologies and version control. You are aware of the best practices in data management (e.g. in terms of data governance, data security, integrity, etc.), data architecture design and development.
  • You have knowledge of/experience with cloud solutions and certificates (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS), Docker and orchestration platforms, relational databases (SQL, postgreSQL) and database management.
  • You are entrepreneurial, proactive and constantly looking for improvement opportunities in the design of our databases, algorithms and IT architecture.
  • You are eager to take the lead for the realization of your concept to an operational solution. You always do this in consultation with the energy researchers, data scientists and the IT application development team.
  • Interest/affinity with scientific research (energy, data science) is an added value.


  • If you're tired of the frequent commute, you've come to the right place. We work 'activity based', our activities bring us to our location. Our EnergyVille office is in Genk, here we meet at least once a week. Part-time work from home, our headquarter in Mol, or working from a satellite office in Antwerp-Berchem, Ghent or Ostend is possible.
  • A competitive salary with a range of benefits including allowances, insurances, and a modular vacation package.
  • Innovation is our asset, so it goes without saying that we offer our employees the opportunity to follow additional training courses and stay up to date in their field of expertise. You always get the opportunity to broaden your knowledge on for example energy monitoring.
  • You will be part of an organization with an international reputation, known for its advanced technological research and scientific consultancy.
  • With us, you will contribute directly to sustainable developments at local, national, and global level through your innovative applications. You provide an answer to today’s societal challenges.
  • Moreover, at VITO we attach great importance to work-life balance. We do this by being flexible, depending on your specific needs.